Meet My Four-Legged Running Buddy!

I got the best Christmas present alive. If anyone knows me, they know I’ve wanted a dog I got this sweet little boy and his name is Buster. We rescued him, but really … he has rescued me.

He’s my heart walking around on four legs! Red heart

The first day I got him (he was much smaller then!):

And now he’s my best little running buddy a girl could ask for!

He motivates me to run faster, to get out the door on days I’d rather sit around. Even on days I don’t run, we spend hours outside walking, hiking. He has renewed and reminded me of my love for nature.

He has an enthusiasm about him that is contagious. His enthusiasm for exercise makes me happy. It reminds me that we should make fitness fun and enjoy every minute of it! Expect to see more pictures of his sweet face on here too! Winking smile


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Tell me…

  • Do you have a dog or pet at home?
  • What helps to motivate you to get out the door & run or move?

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  1. Comment by lindsay:

    i love him! so so sweet.dogs are the best!

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